On 4 August 2020, our hearts broke when we saw the devastation caused by the Beirut blast in Lebanon. With up to 300,000 people without homes and many lives lost, we were lost for words.

Faced with widespread damage, an impending economic crisis, and a global pandemic, the people of Lebanon were faced with an unimaginable loss and forced to make impossible choices to survive.

The Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal is a registered charity and was created to make a positive difference in the lives of the poor, needy and suffering in Lebanon. Led by George Boutros and his team, it was created to connect people from all walks of life, to be part of a journey and contribute to something beyond ourselves.

The Appeal for Aid

In 2020, A GoFundMe page was launched in the hope that enough money would be raised to purchase and organise a container to be sent by sea freight to Lebanon. Incredibly, $15,250 was raised. This was used to purchase bulk goods, essential items and medicine that was successfully shipped to Lebanon.

In partnership with the Lebanese Maronite Order (LMO) based in Lebanon, the team on the ground received the container and managed the distribution of goods to thousands of vulnerable families and communities across Lebanon. The LMO also helped support local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) on the ground, supplying them with the essentials to help struggling individuals across the country.

In 2021, we are faced with the reality that our supply is now scarce, and we need to act again. Families are still forced to make impossible choices to survive and our team wouldn’t forgive ourselves knowing that we could have potentially eased some of that burden by not acting out and helping again in any way we could.

Our Mission

We couldn’t sit and watch while families struggled to cope in Lebanon. Our mission, quite simply, was to try and help by providing aid through the Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal.

Community, transparency and trust have become the most important factors allowing our mission to become a reality. It is through the generosity, trust and prayers of individuals and communities that has helped to put our mission of providing aid into action.

Our Goal

To continue to raise funds, and distribute food, medicine and essential goods to our brothers and sisters in Lebanon.

Our Purpose

To support individuals and families in Lebanon who are struggling to support themselves and their families.

Our Promise to you

The Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal will continue to help our brothers and sisters in Lebanon. Our commitment to this work has never been stronger and we promise to continue our work with honesty and integrity.

A message from the Lebanese Maronite Order in Ghazir

Aid Appeals

To find out how our mission has helped the people of Lebanon, please see the below links.

2020: Aid Container #1

In December 2020, food prices in Lebanon surged by 400% with 77% of households stating they did not have enough food or enough money to buy food* pushing families to the brink of poverty. In seeing the daily struggles being faced, The Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal along with the generous support of our family, friends and local community, partnered with the LMO based in Lebanon and were able to fill a container with food and essential goods that was sent via sea freight to Lebanon.

The following six months saw the container arrive in Lebanon and distributed by the LMO. Having distributed to thousands of vulnerable families and communities across the country, the LMO also helped support local NGO’s on the ground, supplying them with the essentials that were sent over as part of our shipment.

We hope to continue missions like this. Our aim is to be able to support families in need in our homeland that we hold dear and love so much.

*Based on 2020 UNICEF Assessment.

2021: Aid Container #2

Sadly in 2021, the people of Lebanon are still experiencing hardship. Falling incomes, and sky-rocketing prices for basic goods call for our action again. With no improvement in sight, we decided to launch Container 2.0.

Again, in partnership with the LMO and the ongoing support of family, friends and the local community, we set an initial goal of $50,000 to be achieved by October. Within just 14 days of launching our appeal, we surpassed our goal, raising over $100,000; double our initial goal!

Speaking with the LMO, we sourced pallets of the following goods for shipment that were delivered in December 2021, just in time for Christmas.
• Baby formula
• Regular powdered milk
• Fry oil and food oil
• Flour
• Rice
• Bags of kidney beans
• Bags of chickpeas
• Bags of lentils
• Pasta and tomato sauce
• Nappies for kids and adults
• Sanitary pads for women
• Tuna, sardines and other canned foods

The distribution, as it was for the first container is managed and controlled by the LMO, supporting thousands of families, villages and local NGO’s right across Lebanon.

100% of all donations have, and will also go directly towards the bulk purchasing of foods and essential goods to be shipped to Lebanon. 

2023: NGO: Chabakat Mahabba Wa Amane

13 March 2023: Local Lebanese NGO Chabakat Mahabba Wa Amane received food aid valued at $8,145.16 to create 240 family food packs to be distributed to the poor and elderly in Lebanon.

20 December 2023: Delivery of essential foods valued at $5,028.00

2023: NGO: Father Peter Boutros' Initiatives

March, 2023: Well respected local priest Father Peter Boutros delivers food aid through Northern Lebanon valued at $1,418.95

June, 2023: Food aid valued at $4,050.

July, 2023: Food aid valued at $1,348.80.

September, 2023: Food aid valued at $844.80

November, 2023: 50 food packs valued at $1,895

December, 2023: Food aid valued at $1,910


2023: NGO: Gestures From The Heart

Gestures from the Heart located in Zgharta, Lebanon supports elders and deprived families by providing them with basic human needs.

March, 2023: Our charity provided food aid valued at $9,996.75

November, 2023 – Essential foods delivered in bulk, valued at $5,034






2023: NGO: The House of Divine Providence

The House of Divine Providence supports all age groups from the young to the elderly in Lebanon based in Hadath, Beirut.

March, 2023: Our charity provided food aid valued at $10,000.

November, 2023: Essential foods delivered in bulk, valued at $5,013.











2023: NGO: St Antonie Orphanage Kfarfou

St Antonie Orphanage Kfarfou supports over 110 children aged between 4-16 years.

March, 2023: Our charity provided food, medicine and essential item aids valued at $10,022.80.

August, 2023: SEBHEYE EVENT: Fundraising for St Antoine Orphanage resulting in an additional $25,020.

September, 2023: Delivery of educational and personal hygiene kits for children valued at $13,600.

November, 2023: 100 essential food packs delivered, valued at $4,185.

December, 2023: Christmas Toy delivery, valued at $1,978.

2023: NGO: St Joseph School

June, 2023: Our charity provided food aid to St Joseph’s School valued at $4,050.

November, 2023 – 150 food packs valued at $5,385 delivered.

2023 NGO: Saint Joseph Hospital, Al Dawra

September 2023 – delivered essential foods kits valued at $1,267.20

2023 NGO: Bonheur du Ciel - Fr Majde Allawe initiatives

November, 2023 – Essential medication for the sick and elderly valued at $2,047.50

2023 NGO: Youth Warm House (St Anthony of Padua Seminary)

November, 2023: Assorted medications for Diabetes, High cholesterol , Pain relief, cold and flu, vitamins, antibiotics, and other urgent medicine for the elderly community. Also essential food boxes with a total combined value of $4,684

2023 NGO: Steps Together Association

November, 2023: Essential medication and food supplies valued at $4,981.

2023 NGO: Raghif Rahme Welfare Organisation

Our Partners

A message from George Boutros and the Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal team.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our donors, partners, volunteers and supporters for their contribution on this journey. We are deeply grateful that you have chosen to be part of the Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal, where together, we are making a positive difference to the lives of others in Lebanon.

We hope that you can continue on this journey with us.
May God Bless you.


Contact Us

Whether you have a question about the appeal, donations, containers or any other enquiry, please reach out and a member of our team will be in contact with you.